Being an educator is beyond an occupation, it is a vital engagement. I believe my responsibility as a teacher is to provide a safe, engaging learning environment that allows each student to realize their potential for personal and intellectual growth. Learning environments are inherently about exchange. To me, being a teacher is to share knowledge and skills, nurture student development, and incite a dialogue that exceeds the boundaries of the classroom.

My style of teaching is inclusive and student-centered, with an emphasis on critical thinking, experiential learning, and cross-disciplinary application. Learning the processes of making goes well beyond the art object - it offers exploration of creative thinking, problem solving, non-linear expression and the power of metaphor. Additionally, the creative arts provide a gateway to understanding both the subtext of society and the human experience: how culture shapes history, cultural narratives, and collective memory.

My educational and professional background is in a variety of creative disciplines (including theater, film, music, dance and visual art) all of which greatly inform my teaching practice. I draw from a range of art forms in both theory and practice to create unique interdisciplinary educational experiences for my students.


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New Genres: Installation Art

Cultivating Creativity: Interdisciplinary Theory & Practice

Digital Media Arts

Film Directing