Editorial Fellow, CultureLab, library of cultural policy research

Editorial Fellow, CultureLab, library of cultural policy research


In 2016 I received an Editorial Fellowship from the Cultural Research Network & WolfBrown to curate a research collection for cultural policy makers worldwide. My collection, Alternative Modes of Cultural Production: The Contemporary Practices of Artist-Run Platforms and Small-Scale Arts Organizations, grew from a brewing interest in this vital part of the arts ecology; a significant portion of the arts and culture sector that is largely unrecognized, undocumented, and undervalued.

Although historical and widespread in practice, artist-run and small-scale arts organizations have significantly less visibility, documentation, evaluation and advocacy than its counterparts. This collection includes articles about: alternative organizational structures and funding methods developed by artists, current institutional trends in emerging art, digital and nomadic practices, and new advocacy platforms for artists. Artist-Run Spaces serve as incubators for alternative strategies for organizing, funding, and programming, and showcase the work of artists working in new genres and contemporary forms. Many of these emerging practices "trickle up" in the sector, and it is after being created and developed at the grassroots level (often with little resources*) they are later employed by larger institutions. The CultureLab Library is a digital archive edited and authored by arts & culture sector practitioners internationally that establishes a common platform for diverse stakeholders in the arts and culture sector to contribute, access, and publish research. CultureLab is a partnership between an informal consortium of international arts consultants and the Cultural Policy Center (CPC) at University of Chicago.



The ATLEX is a living archive - an interactive, open source, online platform archiving creative translations in discursive iterations from international artists from different geographical locations. Formally translations are literary transformations of written language, however the ATLEX is a "chain letter" of translations from a multitude of languages: literary, visual, performative, abstract, narrative. An ATLEX translation may be in the form of prose or poetry, photography, drawing, painting, collage, performance, dance, animation, or video, and may be experimental, literal or abstract. The ATLEX is currently in development. The first three volumes will be live in January 2018.

This project is a collaboration between Laura Elayne Miller and Shaghayegh Cyrous.


Research Fellow, Common Field, national arts organization

Research Fellow, Common Field, national arts organization


Common Field is a national visual arts organizing network connecting contemporary, experimental, noncommercial artist-run and artist centered spaces and initiatives. The organization’s membership includes alternative art spaces, publications, digital exhibition venues, festivals, residencies, collectives, collaboratives, and individual organizers. These projects and spaces provide interdisciplinary and hybrid forms for art production, reception, and exchange.

In collaboration with Stephanie Sherman, Co-Director of Common Field, I created a Resource Index for Common Field's membership. The index is a comprehensive collection of resources for artist-run collaboratives, arts non-profits, and individual artists. Categories include: funding, organizational structures, cultural data, field archives, public art, advocacy, activism, coalitions and leadership, socially engaged practices, and technology.