Cross-disciplinary body of work, created at & commissioned by Lane Community College

Inspired by Italo Calvino's novella, Mr. Palomar


"You cannot observe a wave without bearing in mind the complex features that concur in shaping it and the other, equally complex ones that the wave itself originates. could perhaps be the key to mastering the world's complexity by reducing it to its simplist mechanism."


Reading a Wave is a body of work inspired by Italo Calvino's novella Mr. Palomar. This series is about the impossibility of isolation: of a wave, of a moment, of oneself from the external world. It is reflective and investigative of the spaces between labor and meditation, divergence and convergence, the physical and the perceived. Reading A Wave aims to capture the essence of these dichotomies, challenging their complexities to reveal a micro view of the macro; focusing our attention to the details within the overlapping elements that shape our experience with the ocean.