ongoing series (2016 - current)

This ongoing series is comprised of polished experiments - in the studio and in public spaces - that explore the seed of an idea and new methods of making. They are not finished products, rather, starting points for larger scale works. I started this series to explore and expand upon existing forms of cartography while taking the time and space to play with materials and invent new ways of making.

I am deeply curious about cartography. What is a map? How might mapping [as a framework] illuminate a concept or story in different ways, become a catalyst for experience instead of just a utilitarian static entity? How might a map be a dynamic representation of elements in space & place instead of a singular "objective" interpretation?




Public Intervention in Oakland, CA

This cartography experiment was a public intervention in which I posted hundreds of Missing Person posters around Oakland. This project plays with the relationship between the individual and collective experience in place. When scanned, the QR code "magically" sends the viewer a personal text message.

Additional thanks to Lionel Ritchie.