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Memory Machine is is a mixed media experimental narrative film and series of 2D artworks that explore the collective experience of memory. Water, the operative metaphor is derived from our language to express memory, as well as refraction theory and the visceral abyss where our memories live. Memory is slippery and inexact, transitive, and empowering. It inserts a reality of a different time into the present. It is the solid fabric that we contend to be both the proof of our existence and the uniqueness of our personal story. We are a species that spends its lifetime documenting our individual existence. This need for external proof of our selves and our stories is reflected in our photographs, home movies, possessions (objects), achievements, our children. If we are to have lived, it is because we have a story.

Found Footage & Photographs, HD Video, Interviews, Sound Design, Lighting Design, Handmade Paper, Digital Salt Photography, Water